International Symposium of Scholar Practitioners in Technology Education
Scholar Practitioners
Our Team Members
Terry Quindiagan, Admin Officer 
Health care specialist provider who truly serves people with special needs. Practical experience and well proven methods of care are the key towards a successful career in the medical field as well as in other areas such as leadership and managing human resources.

Mary Bochaud, Ph.D. at Jefferson University
Tzipora Katz, Ph.D. Alumini from Capella University
Wally Kohl, Ph.D.  Alumni from Capella University
Ronald Griffith, Ph.D. Alumni from Capella University
Arman L. Demesa, Ph.D. 
Dr. Arman L. Demesa is dedicated to teaching and learning. This is the reason why he pursued his studies in education.  He wants to make a difference on the lives of many students and teachers who need to engage their practice in technology.  He is truly passionate when it comes to new technology and very much interested in innovation or thinking for changes so the future generation can benefit from his labor.