International Symposium of Scholar Practitioners in Technology Education
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About Us
Our main goal is to deliver collaboration through our 3D Smart Classroom Online ™ and be the portal of learning for everyone. The interactive site is ideal for any learning evolutions, ranging from sales meeting/training, student collaboration, live chat between students and instructors, simulated online experiments for science, medical, engineering students, conducting distance research for geologists using our video blogging capabilities, product demonstrations for all commercial fields such as transportation, communication, online seminars for all professions and much, much more. Visit us at
It is our intent to export our LMS (Learning Management System) to every possible electronic gadgets and devices that are Internet connected via broadband wireless technology using WIFI and WIMAX technology 24/7 such as Laptops, i-box, PS3 Station, Micro PCs, PDA’s and many more under development by various industries.
It is our aim to bridge the gap of distance to connect learning with students around the world and promote friendship and understanding among countries through education and to achieve greater innovations in technology and science for the benefit of mankind.      
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